Sungsoo Rhim

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This paper is a report on the initial trial for its kind in the development of the performance index of the autonomous mobile cleaning robot. The unique characteristic features of the cleaning robot have been identified as autonomous mobility, dust collection, and operation noise. Along with the identification of the performance indices the standardized(More)
In the previously introduced direct adaptive command shaping filter the time-delay value is fixed and only the magnitudes of the impulses are learned. However, the performance of the direct adaptive time-delay command shaping filter depends on the select time-delay. In this paper, the authors introduce a new scheme to adapt the time-delay which is to be(More)
In this paper, a snow-cover measurement algorithm was developed for improving the snow-depth analysis on the Internet-based visual snow-cover monitoring and measuring system (Cliview-High). Cliview-High which analyzes the visual image of drifted snow and measures the amount of snowing is consisted of a reference ruler, a CCD camera, an industrial PC with(More)
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