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This paper considers the polyhedral structure of the precedence-constrained knapsack problem, which is a knapsack problem with precedence constraints imposed on the set of variables. The problem itself appears in many applications. Moreover, since the precedence constraints appear in many important integer programming problems, the polyhedral results can be(More)
BACKGROUND Evolutionary theories of aging propose that longevity evolves as a competition between reproduction and somatic maintenance for a finite pool of resources. Reproduction is thought to shorten lifespan by depleting resources from processes promoting somatic maintenance. Maternal yolk production, vitellogenesis, represents a significant maternal(More)
—We consider the routing and wavelength assignment (RWA) problem on WDM ring networks without wavelength conversion. When the physical network and required connections are given, RWA is the problem to select a suitable path and wavelength among the many possible choices for each connection such that no two paths using the same wavelength pass through the(More)
In this paper, we consider the variable sized bin packing problem where the objective is to minimize the total cost of used bins when the cost of unit size of each bin does not increase as the bin size increases. Two greedy algorithms are described, and analyzed in three special cases: (a) the sizes of items and bins are divisible, respectively, (b) only(More)