Sungsik Park

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Distributed shop floor control is likely to become a key component of 21st century manufacturing technology. The interest in distributed control arises from the promise of increased flexibility, reliability, and tolerance to the uncertainty that exists in the shop floor environment. However, the communicational complexities involved in the integration of(More)
Keywords: Search keyword Online advertising Involvement Online consumer review Keyword ad efficiency Impression Conversion rate Generic keyword Branded keyword Non-branded keyword a b s t r a c t In paid search advertising on Internet, advertisers bid for specific keywords. Consumer involvement affects a consumer's purchase intention. However, there has(More)
Although many conceptual structures for shop ¯oor control have been proposed, their implementation methodologies have not been satisfactorily achieved yet due to the cost and time required for developing new control software and modifying the existing software. This paper suggests a Petri-net-based tool to rapidly develop a task execution module in the(More)
Although several methods of simulation-based SFC have been suggested for the SFCS, these researches paid only attention to the generation of a target simulation code and could not be fully integrated with the SFCS. Hence, this paper focuses on the conceptual architecture for the rapid and adaptive realization of a simulation-based SFCS for a discrete part(More)
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