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An Innovative Indicator to Evaluate DRAM Cell Transistor Leakage Current Distribution
This paper is the first to propose an innovative method for measuring variations in dynamic random access memory (DRAM) cell transistors using the slope of the retention time-fail bit plot (defined as TF slope), which is used successfully as an indicator to estimate selected processes and to facilitate DRAM development. Expand
A 0.13 /spl mu/m DRAM technology for giga bit density stand-alone and embedded DRAMs
In this paper, a 0.13 /spl mu/m DRAM technology is developed with KrF lithography. In order to extend KrF lithography to 0.13 /spl mu/m generation, full CMP technology is developed in order toExpand
New approach to isotropic texturing techniques on multicrystalline silicon wafers
AbstractMulticrystalline silicon wafers were isotropically textured using two kinds of modified acid texturing methods. One of the modifications is based on the introduction of the spray depositionExpand
A novel method to characterize DRAM process variation by the analyzing stochastic properties of retention time distribution
This study proposes an innovative method to measure the variation of cell leakage current. Extreme cell leakage determines DRAM refresh time (tREF). Although the average leakage current from the testExpand
Data Retention Time and Electrical Characteristics of Cell Transistor According to STI Materials in 90 ㎚ DRAM
Cell transistor and data retention time characteristics were studied in 90 nm design rule 512M-bit DRAM, for the first time. And, the characteristics of cell transistor are investigated for differentExpand
Overcoming the fill factor limit of double sided buried contact silicon solar cells
The double sided buried contact (DSBC) silicon solar cells have consistently demonstrated output parameters superior to those of its single sided counterparts. This is because the high surfaceExpand
New self-align method for fabrication of 980 nm ridge waveguide laser diodes
A novel self-align method has been developed for the fabrication of 980 nm ridge waveguide laser diodes. It utilizes the facts that (1) the thickness of photoresist on the ridge top is substantiallyExpand
Buried contact solar cells on textured tricrystalline CZ-silicon wafers
Buried contact solar cells (BCSC) have been fabricated on boron-doped p-type tricrystalline Czochralski silicon wafers (Tri-Si) and the output characteristics were compared with those ofExpand