Sungryul Yun

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A polymer-waveguide-based transparent and flexible force sensor array is proposed, which satisfies the principal requirements for a tactile sensor working on curvilinear surfaces, such as thinfilm architecture (thickness < 150 μm), localized force sensing (ca. 0-3 N), multiple-point re cognition (27 points), bending robustness (10.8% degradation at R = 1.5(More)
Recently, cellulose has been re-discovered as a smart material that can be used as sensor and actuator materials, which is termed electro-active paper (EAPap). This paper reports recent advances in paper actuators made with cellulose and hybrid materials such as multi-walled carbon nanotubes, conducting polymers and ionic liquids. Two distinct actuator(More)
This paper reports thin, transparent, and soft displays based on polymer waveguides that are compliant with curvilinear interfaces. In order to prove a feasibility of optical waveguide for a flexible display, we suggest the waveguide fabricated by a multi-step lithography process using two photo-curable pre-polymers with different refractive index. The(More)
This paper suggests a force sensor array measuring contact force based on intensity change of light transmitted throughout optical waveguide. For transparency and flexibility of the sensor, two soft prepolymers with different refractive index have been developed. The optical waveguide consists of two cladding layers and a core layer. The top cladding layer(More)
We suggest a way to electrostatically control deformed geometry of an electrostatic deformable mirror (EDM) based on geometric modulation of a basement. The EDM is composed of a metal coated elastomeric membrane (active mirror) and a polymeric basement with electrode (ground). When an electrical voltage is applied across the components, the active mirror(More)
This paper introduces a historical change of haptics research based on personal experience. Since 1990s, haptics, as multidisciplinary research area, has been investigated by various research groups in many aspects including human perception, virtual reality, software design as well as hard ware design. In aspect of haptics hardware design, one of major(More)
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