Sungro Yoon

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We present ACMI, an FM-based indoor localization that does not require proactive site profiling. ACMI constructs the fingerprint database based on the pure estimation of indoor RSS distribution, where the signals transmitted from commercial FM radio stations are used. For this, ACMI makes use of our signal model harnessing public transmission information of(More)
• Abstract—Spectrum sensing, the task of discovering spectrum usage at a given location, is a fundamental problem in dynamic spectrum access networks. While sensing in narrow spectrum bands is well studied in previous work, wideband spectrum sensing is challenging since a wideband radio is generally too expensive and power consuming for mobile devices.(More)
—A practical protocol jointly considering PHY and MAC for MIMO based concurrent transmissions in wireless ad hoc networks, called Contrabass, is presented. Concurrent transmissions refer to simultaneous transmissions by multiple nodes over the same carrier frequency within the same interference range. Contrabass is the first-to-date open-loop based(More)
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