Sungpil Cho

Elke A. Jarboe1
C. Matthew Peterson1
Chieh-Hsiang Yang1
Aliyah Almomen1
1Elke A. Jarboe
1C. Matthew Peterson
1Chieh-Hsiang Yang
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The safe and functional delivery of progesterone through the vaginal route remains an unmet clinical need. The purpose of this work is to prepare a new progesterone (P4) gel for vaginal application using a thermosensitive mucoadhesive polymer, glycol chitin (GC). Thermogelling, mucoadhesive, mechanical, and viscoelastic properties of GC and the new(More)
This study presents a new real-time heartbeat detection algorithm using the geometric angle between two consecutive samples of single-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) signals. The angle was adopted as a new index representing the slope of ECG signal. The method consists of three steps: elimination of high-frequency noise, calculation of the angle of ECG signal,(More)
Point-of-care testing glucose meters are widely used, important tools for determining the blood glucose levels of people with diabetes, patients in intensive care units, pregnant women, and newborn infants. However, a number of studies have concluded that a change in hematocrit (Hct) levels can seriously affect the accuracy of glucose measurements. The aim(More)
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