Sungpil Cho

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Multidrug resistance (MDR) is a barrier to successful cancer chemotherapy. Although MDR is associated with overexpression of ATP-binding cassette (ABC) membrane transporters, mechanisms behind their up-regulation are not entirely understood. The cleaved form of the Notch1 protein, intracellular Notch1 (N1(IC)), is involved in transcriptional regulation of(More)
In this study, a new thermo-sensitive polymer, glycol chitin, was synthesized by controlled N-acetylation of glycol chitosan and evaluated as a thermogelling system. The physico-chemical properties of glycol chitins with different degrees of acetylation (DA) were investigated in terms of degradation, cytotoxicity, rheological properties, and in vitro and in(More)
When imaging the heart using MRI, an artefact-free electrocardiograph (ECG) signal is not only important for monitoring the patient’s heart activity but also essential for cardiac gating to reduce noise in MR images induced by moving organs. The fundamental problem in conventional ECG is the distortion induced by electromagnetic interference. Here, we(More)
Purpose.We describe here a new method to estimate the oral drug permeability from the small intestine using surface plasmon resonance (SPR) technology. The interaction between drugs and brush border membrane (BBM) surfaces immobilized on biosensor chip were evaluated by measuring the SPR response signal. Methods. BBM vesicles, isolated from Sprague-Dawley(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM To develop and characterize the pre-clinical suitability of a syngeneic mouse epithelial ovarian cancer model in immunocompetent hosts. MATERIALS AND METHODS ID8 mouse ovarian surface epithelium cells were implanted into the left ovarian bursa of C57BL/6 mice. Using conventional as well as ultrasound-based techniques and histopathological(More)
Purpose. To prepare the surface generated by small intestinal brush border membrane vesicles (BBMVs) for the surface plasmon resonance (SPR) analysis, which allows the real-time measurement of binding events occurring on the intestinal membrane. Methods. BBMVs were isolated from Sprague-Dawley rats, suspended in HEPES-buffered saline, and flowed over the(More)
The safe and functional delivery of progesterone through the vaginal route remains an unmet clinical need. The purpose of this work is to prepare a new progesterone (P4) gel for vaginal application using a thermosensitive mucoadhesive polymer, glycol chitin (GC). Thermogelling, mucoadhesive, mechanical, and viscoelastic properties of GC and the new(More)
The combinatorial peptidergic therapy of islet amyloid polypeptide (IAPP) and leptin (LEP) analogues was once an optimistic option in treating obese animals and patients. However, the need for frequent administrations and its negative side effects prevent it from being a viable choice. Here, we developed a combinatorial gene therapy of IAPP and LEP, where(More)
A leading cause of death and suffering in patients with abdominal or pelvic malignancies is progression of peritoneal surface disease. Changes in the use of chemotherapy have shown significant survival benefits for intraperitoneal or combined intraperitoneal and intravenous treatment following optimal surgical cytoreduction. However, broader clinical use of(More)
This study presents a new real-time heartbeat detection algorithm using the geometric angle between two consecutive samples of single-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) signals. The angle was adopted as a new index representing the slope of ECG signal. The method consists of three steps: elimination of high-frequency noise, calculation of the angle of ECG signal,(More)