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Despite the widespread acceptance of trust as an informal governance institution, our understanding of its origins is nascent. Our review of the literature identified two distinct explanations: Trust emerges from either a shadow of the past (i.e., prior history) or a shadow of the future (i.e., expectations of continuity). In this paper we develop and(More)
A new, microfluidic temperature sensor system, based on a thermoresponsive conjugated polymer supramolecule, has been developed. By generating blue-phase polydiacetylene (PDA) sensor droplets using hydrodynamic instability, we were able to monitor the variation of fluorescent intensity of the droplets with respect to the flow temperature.
Although the Transaction Cost Analysis framework (TCA) has been dominant in explaining inter-firm relationships, TCA has been criticized for ignoring the social embeddedness of inter-firm relationships. It is proposed that the inclusion of trust in TCA supplements the explanations offered by TCA on buyer behaviors in buyer-seller relationships. The(More)
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