Sungmin Hong

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Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a new networking paradigm that grants a controller and its applications an omnipotent power to have holistic network visibility and flexible network programmability, thus enabling new innovations in network protocols and applications. One of the core advantages of SDN is its logically centralized control plane to provide(More)
IP-based wireless sensor networks (IP-WSN) are popularly recognized as a global sensor networks infrastructure by combining IPv6 technology with wireless sensor networks (WSN). However, IP-WSN, currently, does not provide security because it is commonly recognized that it is a big burden for IP-WSN to adapt Internet's dominant security protocol. We suggest(More)
Mobility management is one of the most important research issues in 6LoWPAN, which is a standardizing IP-based Wireless Sensor Networks(IP-WSN) protocol. Since the IP-WSN application domain is expanded to real-time applications such as healthcare and surveillance systems, a fast and seamless handover becomes an important criterion for mobility support in(More)
We have developed an integrated microfluidic material processing chip and demonstrated the rapid production of collagen microspheres encapsulating cells with high uniformity and cell viability. The chip integrated three material processing steps. Monodisperse microdroplets were generated at a microfluidic T junction between aqueous and mineral oil flows.(More)
OBJECTIVE Recent studies suggested quantitative analysis of diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging as a promising tool for early prognostication of cardiac arrest patients. However, most of their methods involve significant manual image handling often subjective and difficult to reproduce. Therefore developing a computerized analysis method using(More)
A 3D printable and highly stretchable tough hydrogel is developed by combining poly(ethylene glycol) and sodium alginate, which synergize to form a hydrogel tougher than natural cartilage. Encapsulated cells maintain high viability over a 7 d culture period and are highly deformed together with the hydrogel. By adding biocompatible nanoclay, the tough(More)
Network management against security, reliability, and performance attacks is an integral part of building dependable, high-performance network services. In traditional networks, the management practices take mainly remote approaches to cope with the ossified network infrastructure. However, since disaster events that occur within the network should be(More)
The understanding of protein interaction dynamics is important for signal transduction research but current available techniques prove difficult in addressing this issue. Thus, using the microfluidic approach, we developed a digital protein analytical platform and methodology named MAPS (Microfluidic system Analyzing Protein in Single complex) that can(More)
We have applied Raster Image Correlation Spectroscopy (RICS) technique to characterize the dynamics of protein 53 (p53) in living cells before and after the treatment with DNA damaging agents. HeLa cells expressing Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) tagged p53 were incubated with and without DNA damaging agents, cisplatin or eptoposide, which are widely used(More)