Sungkuk Chun

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The field of mixed-reality interface design is relatively young and in regards to music, has not been explored in great depth. Using computer vision and collision detection techniques, Freepad further explores the development of mixed-reality interfaces for music. The result is an accessible user-definable MIDI interface for anyone with a webcam, pen and(More)
The conventional method of measuring foot-arch parameters is highly dependent on the measurer's skill level, so accurate measurements are difficult to obtain. To solve this problem, we propose an autonomous geometric foot-arch analysis platform that is capable of capturing the sole of the foot and yields three foot-arch parameters: arch index (AI), arch(More)
This paper describes an autonomous kinematic analysis platform for wrist angle measurement that is capable of evaluating a user’s uncocking motion in his or her golf swing and providing instructional multimodal feedback to improve his or her skills. This uncocking motion, which is a characteristic movement of the wrist during the golf swing, is an important(More)
As the production of mobile contents is increasing and many people are using it, the existing mobile contents providers manually split cartoons into frame images fitted to the screen of mobile devices. It needs much time and is very expensive. This paper proposes an Automatic Conversion System (ACS) for mobile cartoon contents. It converts automatically the(More)
This paper describes an interactive social agent platform which examines anthropomorphic robot features in the mobile phone usage context. Our system is smart phone based robot agent that operates on a mobile network and co-located ad-hoc networks. It helps remote users communicate interactively with each other through the robotic interface which utilizes(More)
One of the artistic impressions of typical oil painting artworks is its wide spectrum of visual variety as the lighting condition changes. This distinguishable feature of oil painting comes from the texture and a volume of color expressed by thickness of used pigments and brushing. In this paper, we present a novel method to synthesize an oil painting image(More)
Physical interactive games are recently hogging the limelight in the international game market, as they adopt a new concept of input devices that allows the players to interact and play with the games using their own bodies instead of hand-operated input devices. Since the concept is still tethered to a screen-based output, its feedback part is not as fluid(More)
This paper proposes an artificial artist, <i>Sorry Picasso</i>, which has the ability to see, feel and paint an aesthetically appealing painting based on searched images of anthropomorphism nature. We proposed techniques involving image processing, facial recognition, computer vision and computer graphics to automatically identify embedded human face-like(More)