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Mathematical models demonstrate that to achieve optimal performance in a heterogeneous cloud infrastructure, the slowest node's response time should be no more than three times that of the fastest node. C loud computing is transforming the entire IT industry, high-performance computing (HPC), and personal data sharing and management. In cloud computing,(More)
There are several emerging memory technologies looming on the horizon to compensate the physical scaling challenges of DRAM. Phase change memory (PCM) is one such candidate proposed for being part of the main memory in computing systems. One salient feature of PCM is its multi-level-cell (MLC) property, which can be used to multiply the memory capacity at(More)
The emergence of cloud computing has created a demand for more datacenters, which in turn, has led to the substantial consumption of electricity by computing systems and cooling units. Although recently built warehouse-scale datacenters can nearly completely eliminate cooling overhead, small to medium datacenters, which still spend nearly half of their(More)
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