Sungjae Lee

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This paper describes saturation attacks on reduced-round versions of Skipjack. To begin with, we will show how to construct a 16-round distinguisher which distinguishes 16 rounds of Skipjack from a random permutation. The distinguisher is used to attack on 18(5∼22) and 23(5∼27) rounds of Skipjack. We can also construct a 20-round distinguisher based on the(More)
BACKGROUND Panic disorder (PD) is associated with an increased risk of suicide attempt (SA). However, no study has examined the neural correlates of SA in PD. The goal of this study was to evaluate alterations in white matter (WM) and gray matter (GM) in patients with PD with and without a history of SA. METHODS Twelve patients with PD and a history of SA(More)
OBJECTIVE Some patients with schizophrenia may need mirtazapine augmentation to improve negative and cognitive symptoms. However there have been a few studies about the tolerability of mirtazapine augmentation to antipsychotics such as akathisia, extrapyramydal symptoms, weight gain, and body mass index (BMI). METHODS This study was an eight-week(More)