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BACKGROUND To develop a plant-based vaccine against Plasmodium vivax, two P. vivax candidate proteins were chosen. First, the merozoite surface protein-1 (MSP-1), a major asexual blood stage antigen that is currently considered a strong vaccine candidate. Second, the circumsporozoite protein (CSP), a component of sporozoites that contains a B-cell epitope.(More)
PURPOSE Mammography, the standard method of breast cancer screening, misses many cancers, especially in dense-breasted women. We compared the performance and diagnostic yield of mammography alone versus an automated whole breast ultrasound (AWBU) plus mammography in women with dense breasts and/or at elevated risk of breast cancer. METHODS AWBU screening(More)
OBJECTIVE Radiologist reader performance for breast cancer detection using mammography plus automated whole-breast ultrasound (AWBU) was compared with mammography alone. METHODS Screenings for non-palpable breast malignancies in women with radiographically dense breasts with contemporaneous mammograms and AWBU were reviewed by 12 radiologists blinded to(More)
This paper describes saturation attacks on reduced-round versions of Skipjack. To begin with, we will show how to construct a 16-round distinguisher which distinguishes 16 rounds of Skipjack from a random permutation. The distinguisher is used to attack on 18(5∼22) and 23(5∼27) rounds of Skipjack. We can also construct a 20-round distinguisher based on the(More)
A novel, red-pigmented, pleomorphic and short rod-shaped haloarchaeon, designated B8T, was isolated from a salt-fermented seafood. Strain B8T was found to be able to grow at 20–45 °C, in the presence of 15–30 % (w/v) NaCl and at pH 7.0–9.0. The optimum requirements were found to be a temperature range of 35–40 °C, pH 8.0 and the presence of 25 % NaCl. The(More)
The genes of the Escherichia coli maltose regulon are controlled by MalT, the specific transcriptional activator which, together with the inducer maltotriose and ATP, is essential for mal gene transcription. Network regulation in this system affects the function of MalT and occurs on two levels. The first concerns the expression of malT. It has long been(More)
A new gait platform described in this report allows an isolated measurement of the vertical and shear forces under an individual metatarsal head during barefoot walking. The apparatus incorporated a customized tactile force sensor and a high-speed camera system, which enabled easy identification of a single anatomical landmark at the forefoot's plantar(More)