Sunghyun Yang

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Security ICs are vulnerable to side-channel attacks (SCAs) that find the secret key by monitoring the power consumption and other information that is leaked by the switching behavior of digital CMOS gates. This paper describes a side-channel attack resistant coprocessor IC and its design techniques. The IC has been fabricated in 0.18μm CMOS. The(More)
Recently, the development of Machine to Machine (M2M) communication has been largely accomplished in a variety of fields including smart home. In M2M communication, the role of sensor node is only limited to gather data and send them to upper application layers. In this research, the limited role of the sensor node in traditional M2M communication is(More)
The DPA attack can efficiently disclose the secret key of an AES Engine easily. To increase DPA Resistant of the AES engine by XORing the generated 16 bit from Pseudo Random Number Generator with the cipher text from the AES Engine. The cipher text is created by AES algorithm which is very Efficient Algorithm for data Securing. The 16 Bit Sequence Generator(More)
This paper presents a simulation based method to predict the amount of frequency interference in a passive type RFID system. To judge occurrence of frequency interference, we use a parameter POI (probability of interference) that depends on several factors such as multiple access method, emission mask, the number of channel, etc. Due to its dependence on(More)
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