Sunghyun Song

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Incorrect postures and long sitting sessions are among the main causes of back pain and discomfort, a problem affecting a growing portion of office workers. In the past, researchers have suggested possible ways to notify with alerts those users who sit improperly, but often such notifications are perceived as intrusive and tend to be ignored. In this paper,(More)
Wrist worn wearable computing devices are ideally suited for presenting notifications through haptic stimuli as they are always in direct contact with the user's skin. While prior work has explored the feasibility of haptic notifications, we highlight a lack of empirical studies on thermal and pressure feedback in the context of wearable devices. This paper(More)
Videos are becoming a commonplace way for students to view instructional material. Although current technology allows customization of default playback speeds to cater to individual students' desired pace, we highlight a need for more dynamic or reactive control systems capable of varying playback in response to viewer needs or activities (e.g. slowing down(More)
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