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For low-noise complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) image sensors, the reduction of pixel source follower noises is becoming very important. Column-parallel high-gain readout circuits are useful for low-noise CMOS image sensors. This paper presents column-parallel high-gain signal readout circuits, correlated multiple sampling (CMS) circuits and(More)
Noise reduction effects of column-parallel correlated multiple-sampling (CMS) for CMOS image sensors are investigated. In the CMS, the gain of the noise cancelling can be flexibly changed by the sampling number. It has a similar effect to that of amplified CDS for thermal noise but is more effective for 1/f and random telegraph signal (RTS) noises. The(More)
Albedo estimation from a facial image is crucial for various computer vision tasks, such as 3-D morphable-model fitting, shape recovery, and illumination-invariant face recognition, but the currently available methods do not give good estimation results. Most methods ignore the influence of cast shadows and require a statistical model to obtain facial(More)
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