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For low-noise complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) image sensors, the reduction of pixel source follower noises is becoming very important. Column-parallel high-gain readout circuits are useful for low-noise CMOS image sensors. This paper presents column-parallel high-gain signal readout circuits, correlated multiple sampling (CMS) circuits and(More)
Albedo estimation from a facial image is crucial for various computer vision tasks such as 3D morphable model fitting, shape recovery and illumination-invariant face recognition, but it has not been addressed well. This paper describes how albedo can be estimated from the combined use of image intensity and facial depth information even if the image is(More)
Noise reduction effects of column-parallel correlated multiple-sampling (CMS) for CMOS image sensors are investigated. In the CMS, the gain of the noise cancelling can be flexibly changed by the sampling number. It has a similar effect to that of amplified CDS for thermal noise but is more effective for 1/f and random telegraph signal (RTS) noises. The(More)
Albedo estimation from a facial image is crucial for various computer vision tasks, such as 3-D morphable-model fitting, shape recovery, and illumination-invariant face recognition, but the currently available methods do not give good estimation results. Most methods ignore the influence of cast shadows and require a statistical model to obtain facial(More)
Template matching is a common method of finding the corresponding points between images for image alignment. Normally the template selection are done manually. This paper introduces a novel method of measuring the quality of a template and the method of selecting template models automatically using the measure. We define the qualities of a good template and(More)
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