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In order to reduce carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions and produce an eco-friendly construction material, a type of concrete that uses a minimal amount of cement, yet still retains equivalent properties to ordinary cement concrete, has been developed and studied all over the world. Hwangtoh, a type of red clay broadly deposited around the world, has(More)
A heuristic algorithm is proposed and applied for determining the time-domain viscoelastic parameters of hot-mix asphalt (HMA) concrete materials. This heuristic technique, employing a global optimization technique as well as a Wiechert model for the relaxation function, is found to substantially enhance accuracy and consistency when used for determining(More)
This paper presents a mathematical programming model for optimal pavement rehabilitation planning. The model maximized the rehabilitation area through a newly developed permutation algorithm, based on the procedures outlined in the harmony search (HS) algorithm. Additionally, the proposed algorithm was based on an optimal solution method for the problem of(More)
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