Sungho Jin

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Competition occurs between the osteoblasts in regional microenvironments and pathogens introduced during surgery, on the surface of bone implants, such as joint prostheses. The aim of this study was to modulate bacterial and osteoblast adhesion on implant surfaces by using a nanotube array. Titanium oxide (TiO2) nanotube arrays, 30 nm or 80 nm in diameter,(More)
The complex mechanisms of the bone cell-surface interactions are yet to be completely understood, and researchers continue to strive to uncover the fully optimized implant material for perfect osseointegration. A particularly fascinating area of research involves the study of nanostructured surfaces, which are believed to enhance osteogenic behavior,(More)
b We demonstrate here a DNA-based conformationally switchable nano-dumbell structure that modulates the interparticle distance between two gold–silver core–shell nanoparticles to induce significant changes in the SERS signal. Raman spectroscopy has become an increasingly important tool in sensing applications because of its ability to identify specific(More)
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