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To be able to deploy the mobile IPTV service, energy efficiency is an important design consideration due to the limited battery lifetime of mobile devices. Moreover, the Scalable Video Coding (SVC) scheme, which allows for data rate adaptation without re-encoding, should also be considered for supporting a variety of mobile devices. This paper proposes a(More)
Transmission control protocol friendly rate control (TFRC) is designed to mainly provide optimal service for unicast applications, such as multimedia streaming in the best-effort Internet environment. However, high bandwidth networks with large delays present an environment where TFRC may have a problem in utilizing the full bandwidth. TFRC inherits the(More)
Currently, there is a lack of tools or techniques which can clearly handle the complexity related to intercomponent communication while developing Android applications. We propose a conceptual model which represents the inter-component communication at a higher abstraction level. We also propose a technique to derive test case from the model. The model can(More)
In this paper, a novel caudal fin for actuating a robotic fish is presented. The proposed caudal fin waves in a vertical direction with a specific spatial shape, which is determined by a so-called shape factor. For a specific shape factor, a traveling wave with a vertical phase difference is formed on a caudal fin during fin motion. It will be shown by the(More)
This paper investigates how a pair of signals about the type of the agent can be compared in the classical principal agent model with adverse selection. Signal comparison in this model has two distinctive features that make it dicult to directly apply the results from decision theory: timing of the game and the number of incentive compatibility constraint.(More)
MPEG has released a standard of the DASH(Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) specification to support QoS(Quality of Service) for multimedia streaming service. Several quality adaptation schemes have been proposed for improving the quality of DASH. However, previous adaptation schemes do not guarantee smooth and seamless playback because they do not(More)
The purpose of this study was to explore the directions of content development for R-Learning which is based on intelligent robots distributed to Kindergartens. For this, the researchers examined and analyzed studies about R-Learning content, teachers' expectations, distribution of current R-Learning content, and the details. The findings of this study(More)
The governing equations which are considered in two-dimensional cylindrical fluid simulations argon discharge with parallel resonance antenna are the continuity equation, the momentum equation with drift-diffusion approximation, the energy balance equation for electrons, the wave equation for az-imuthal induced electric field, and Poisson equation for(More)
In this paper, motion of fishes with a caudal fin with vertical phase differences are analyzed to identify the effect of this kind of a caudal fin, some numerical model for this motion was made and some analyses have been investigated. To do this, torque and thrust from the fish motion were calculated based on the theoretical backgrounds from previous other(More)