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The growing interest and use of indoor mapping is driving a demand for improved data-acquisition facility, efficiency and productivity in the era of the Building Information Model (BIM). The conventional static laser scanning method suffers from some limitations on its operability in complex indoor environments, due to the presence of occlusions. Full(More)
Currently there are demands for maximization of taxi services and also for saving fuel usage within massive cities. Spatial big data extracted from taxi service records and GPS can be used to suggest optimal routing options to achieve these goals. The taxi cab ride data contains 7,000 unique taxies being serviced in Seoul, South Korea. In this study one(More)
Spatial big data (SBD) has been utilized in many fields and we propose SBD analytics to apply to education with semantic trajectory data of undergraduate students in Songdo International Campus at Yonsei University. Higher education is under a pressure of disruptive innovation, so that colleges and universities strive to provide not only better education(More)
Recently from October, 2016 until April, 2017 in Seoul, South Korea, a series of protests have occurred on almost every Saturdays, where crowds estimated from 50,000 to 2.3 million have gathered in streets around palatial Gwanghwamun Square due to a political scandal of former president Park Geun-hye. In total, nearly 16.5 million crowds have attended to(More)
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