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Model Calculations and Interferometer Measurements of Ice-Cloud Characteristics
Abstract This paper investigates the relationship between high–spectral resolution infrared (IR) radiances and the microphysical and macrophysical properties of cirrus clouds. Through use of
Excitation of the Electronic States of the Nitrogen Molecule by Electron Impact
The electron-impact excitation cross sections of the $a^{1}\ensuremath{\Pi}_{g}$, ${c}^{\ensuremath{'}}^{1}\ensuremath{\Sigma}_{u}^{+}$,
Application of the close-coupling method to excitation of electronic states and dissociation of H 2 by electron impact
The close-coupling method has been applied to the electron-H/sub 2/ collision to obtain excitation cross sections of the b /sup 3/..sigma../sup +//sub u/, a /sup 3/..sigma../sup +//sub g/, e /sup
Dissociation of the hydrogen molecule by electron impact
The electron-impact dissociation cross sections of the H2 molecule have been calculated for the processes leading to H(1s)+H(1s) and to H(1s)+H(2s) by means of the Born-Rudge and Born-Ochkur methods.
Oscillator strength and electron-impact excitation of the Schumann-Runge continuum of the oxygen molecule
By using the method of multiconfiguration self-consistent field, the electronic wave functions for the X /sup 3/..sigma../sup -//sub g/ and B /sup 3/..sigma../sup -//sub u/ states of O/sub 2/ are
Electron-impact excitation cross sections of the a /sup 1/Pi/sub g/ of the N/sub 2/ molecule by the close-coupling method
Electron-impact excitation cross sections of the a /sup 1/Pi/sub g/ state of the N/sub 2/ molecule are calculated by the method of close coupling with full allowance for electron exchange for
Electron-impact excitation of the D /sup 3/. sigma. /sub u//sup +/ and c/sub 4//sup prime/ /sup 1/. sigma. /sub u//sup +/ Rydberg states of N/sub 2/
Absolute optical-emission excitation functions have been measured for the D /sup 3/..sigma../sub u//sup +/..-->..B /sup 3/Pi/sub g/ fourth positive system bands (0,v'') with v'' = 0,1,2,3,4,5,6 and