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In this paper, we propose a feedback based framework for semi-automatic composition of Web services. In the framework, whenever a service process is constructed by composing Web services, the connection patterns of Web services in the service process are analyzed and registered in terms of data and control flows. Also a method of measuring the degree of(More)
In this paper, we propose a new agent-based flexible video-conference system (AVCS) by modifying videoconference manger (VCM) agent in a conventional flexible videoconference system (FVCS). The proposed AVCS can more flexibly cope with changes in working conditions during videoconferencing than the conventional FVCS. It is because an automatic parameter(More)
' AbsImcI-In this paper, we propose adaptive QoS(Qualily of Service) control mechanism and a architecture using multiapnt framework to improve flexibility of a videoconference system. The proposed mKhanism realizes more flexibility by changing their Qos control strategies dynamically. We implemented the mechanism, and our prototype system shows its(More)
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