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Impact of Environments on the Accumulation of Capsaicinoids in Capsicum spp.
The use of a chili fruit is distinguished by its capsaicinoid content, which shows many beneficial effects in food and pharmaceutical applications. However, chilies exhibit wide variations in theExpand
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Stability analysis of yield and capsaicinoids content in chili (Capsicum spp.) grown across six environments
There is a need for identifying chili cultivars with stable amounts of capsaicinoids so that the amount of pungency in the final product can be controlled. Therefore, six cultivars were evaluated forExpand
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Evaluation of the effect of genotype-by-environment interaction on capsaicinoid production in hot pepper hybrids (Capsicum chinense Jacq.) under controlled environment
Abstract Hot pepper cultivars developed for capsaicinoid production may not perform the same in different growing environments causing a problem to control a quality product for food andExpand
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Determination of major and minor capsaicinoids in different varieties of the Capsicum fruits using GC-MS and their inhibition effect of the chilli extract on α-amylase activity.
The major and minor components of capsaicinoids were determined in seven main varieties of the Capsicum fruits grown in Northeast of Thailand. The methanol extract of capsaicinoids was cleaned up byExpand
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Compatibility of inter-specific crosses between Capsicum chinense Jacq. and Capsicum baccatum L. at different fertilization stages
Abstract Interspecific barriers have been investigated in a direct and reciprocal cross between Capsicum chinense Jacq. (‘cv. C’) and Capsicum baccatum L. (‘cv. B’). Compatibilities of interspecificExpand
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Light intensity affects capsaicinoid accumulation in hot pepper (Capsicum chinense Jacq.) cultivars
Strong light intensity affects plant growth, fruit yield, and accumulation of capsaicinoids in hot peppers (Capsicum spp.) which are important food and medicinal products. Shading improves plantExpand
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