Sungchul Lee

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Let L be the Euclidean functional with p-th power-weighted edges. Examples include the sum of the p-th power-weighted lengths of the edges in minimal spanning trees, traveling salesman tours, and minimal matchings. Motivated by the works of Steele, Redmond and Yukich (1994, 1996) have shown that for n i.i.d. sample points {X1, . . . ,Xn} from [0, 1]d,(More)
We present an optimization procedure that uses the Taguchi method to maximize the mean stiffness and workspace of a redundantly actuated parallel mechanism at the same time. The Taguchi method is used to separate the more influential and controllable variables from the less influential ones among kinematic parameters in workspace analysis and stiffness(More)
This paper presents a deep learning method for faster magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) by reducing k-space data with sub-Nyquist sampling strategies and provides a rationale for why the proposed approach works well. Uniform subsampling is used in the time-consuming phase-encoding direction to capture high-resolution image information, while permitting the(More)
In this paper, a compact and low-cost electronic circuit system is designed for time-reversal of ultra-wideband short impulses (with nanosecond and sub-nanosecond temporal durations). A frequency-domain approach is adopted to avoid high sampling rate in time. Specifically, the proposed system obtains the discrete spectra of input impulses first; then(More)
For n i.i.d. uniform points in [0, 1]d, d ≥ 2, let Ln be the total distance from the origin to all the minimal points under the coordinate-wise partial order (this is also the total length of rooted edges of a minimal directed spanning tree on the given n random points). For d ≥ 3, we establish the asymptotics of the mean and the variance of Ln, and show(More)
The Nevada Solar Energy-Water-Environment Nexus project generates a large amount of environmental monitoring data from variety of sensors. This data is valuable for all related research areas, such as soil, atmosphere, biology, and ecology. An important aspect of this project is promoting data sharing and analysis using a common platform. To support this(More)