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The usefulness of constitutional diagnoses based on skin measurements has been established in oriental medicine. However, it is very difficult to standardize traditional diagnosis methods. According to Sasang constitutional medicine, humans can be distinguished based on properties of the skin, including its texture, roughness, hardness and elasticity. The(More)
Human skin allografts are one of the best temporary biological coverings for severely burned patients. Cryopreserved (CPA) and glycerol-preserved (GPA) allografts are the most widely used types. This study compared the allograft efficiency of both preservation methods under the same conditions. To simulate actual clinical conditions, we used a porcine wound(More)
The purpose of this study was to develop an auditory emotion recognition function that could determine the emotion caused by sounds coming from the environment in our daily life. For this purpose, sound stimuli from the International Affective Digitized Sounds (IADS-2), a standardized database of sounds intended to evoke emotion, were selected, and four(More)
− The kilogram is unique among the base SI units in being the only one defined by an artefact. A major problem with maintaining the traceability of the mass scale is the inherent instability of the kilogram artefacts. To resolve the problem, there had been done a comparison of the values of the national standard kilogram of 18 European National Metrology(More)
OBJECTIVE Excelsior XT-27 (Stryker Neurovascular, Fremont, CA, USA) or Rebar 27 (eV3 Covidien, Irvine, CA, USA) microcatheters have recently been used to overcome the limitations of the Renegade Hi-Flo microcatheter such as interference between two microcatheters (one for stent delivery and the other for cerebral aneurysm coiling) during the jailing(More)
The photoluminescence behavior of CdS quantum dots in initial growth stage was studied in connection with an annealing process. Compared to the as-synthesized CdS quantum dots (quantum efficiency ≅ 1%), the heat-treated sample showed enhanced luminescence properties (quantum efficiency ≅ 29%) with a narrow band-edge emission. The simple annealing process(More)
Autologous skin cell suspensions have been used for wound healing in patients with burns and against normal pigmentation in vitiligo. To separate cells and the extracellular matrix from skin tissue, most researchers use enzymatic digestion. Therefore, this process is difficult to perform during a routine surgical procedure. We aimed to prepare a suspension(More)
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