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The subarctic region is highly responsive and vulnerable to climate change. Understanding the structure of subarctic soil microbial communities is essential for predicting the response of the subarctic soil environment to climate change. To determine the composition of the bacterial community and its relationship with soil properties, we investigated the(More)
We conducted a 7-d co-existence experiment to verify the inhibitory activity of an aquatic vascular plant,Myriophyllum spicatum, on the cyanobacteriumMicrocystis aeruginosa, and to screen for allelopathic compounds. Plants were placed on a modified solid M4 medium whileM. aeruginosa was cultured in an L16 liquid medium. Our treatments included(More)
Every college student registers for courses from a catalog of numerous offerings each term. Selecting the courses in which to enroll, and in what combinations, can dramatically impact each student's chances for academic success. Taking inspiration from the STEM Academy, we wanted to identify the characteristics of engineering students who graduate with 3.0(More)
Early Warning Systems (EWSs) are being developed and used more frequently to aggregate multiple sources of data and provide timely information to stakeholders about students in need of academic support. As these systems grow more complex, there is an increasing need to incorporate relevant and real-time course-related information that could be predictors of(More)
The amount of accessible information online is rapidly expanding. This increases the demand for a support tool that can help people acquire information in a short period of time. Highlights can help with reading, especially by enhancing the effectiveness of skim reading. This paper suggests a novel method of collecting reading-pattern data from a group of(More)
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