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In this paper, we analyze the effect of different image preprocessing techniques on the performance of Speeded Up Robust Features, SURF. We investigate the effects of the techniques like Histogram Equalization, Multiscale Retinex, and Image Adaptive Contrast Enhancement (IACE) scheme that we propose, on the SURF in terms of its feature points detection, and(More)
Vector quantizer takes care of special image features like edges also and hence belongs to the class of quantizers known as second generation coders. This paper proposes a vector quantization using wavelet transform and enhanced SOM algorithm for medical image compression. We propose the enhanced self-organizing algorithm to improve the defects of SOM(More)
SUMMARY This paper proposes an enhanced RBF network that enhances learning algorithms between input layer and middle layer and between middle layer and output layer individually for improving the efficiency of learning. The proposed network applies ART2 network as the learning structure between input layer and middle layer. And the auto-tuning method of(More)