Sung Yul Rhew

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Product line engineering (PLE) is a new effective approach to software reuse, where applications are generated by instantiating a core asset which is a large-grained reuse unit. Hence, a core asset is a key element of PLE, and therefore the reusability of the core asset largely determines the success of PLE projects. However, current quality models to(More)
In client/server and distributed applications, the quality of object clustering plays a key role in determing the overall performance of the system. Therefore, a set of objects with higher coupling should be grouped into a single cluster so that each cluster can have a higher cohesion. As the result, the overall message traffic among objects can be greatly(More)
With ubiquitous computing system, users can access information through a computer network at any time and in any place. The basic infrastructure of ubiquitous computing system is wireless network environment, and a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system is composed tags, readers, middleware, application services, etc. and uses networks. RFID(More)
Although the need for developing software using Open Source Software(OSS) has been increasing, there is no measurement to select a suitable and qualified OSS which is proper property to develop.In this study, it is suggested whom wants to develop software by using OSS that a quality model to choose the best quality which is suitable characteristics of(More)
In recently, OSS may use to make a new alternative substitute for software development. However, detailed procedures and methods to utilize OSSs are inadequate. When we develop an application based on OSS, we may not apply to the traditional process models. Therefore, newly defined procedures have to be required to reuse the OSS. In this paper, we propose(More)
One of the hottest and fastest developing areas of computer software in Korea is computer game software. However, due to relatively young history and empirical nature of the area, there has not been any agreement or standardization of game software process design for its efficacy. In this paper, we propose a practical model of the game software development(More)
Component-Based Development (CBD) is gaining popularity as an effective reuse technology. Components in CBD are mainly for interorganizational reuse, rather than intra-organizational reuse [1]. One of the common forms of reusing commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components is to acquire and customize them for each application. Therefore, components must be(More)