Sung-Yoon Jung

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To detect the rotor angle of the permanent-magnet (PM) synchronous motor (PMSM), two linear Hall sensors are utilized to measure the fringe field of the PM from one end of the rotor. The measured signals look like sin θ and cos θ but contain large third-order harmonics. To remove the third-order harmonics, an adaptive notch filter (ANF) is utilized.(More)
This paper describes a grip force analysis of a tendon-driven prosthetic hand. The grip force is equivalent to tensile force transmitted by a link mechanism. Assuming that the tensile force to pull tendon is constant, the grip force according to the angle of MCP joint is analyzed by the statics. From experimental results, we show the maximum grip force of(More)
In the field weakening region, the voltage is utilized to the maximum to minimize the current amplitude. In this paper, the hexagonal voltage limit is considered to increase the voltage and to decrease the current, as a result to reduce the copper loss. At first, an intersection between the hexagonal voltage limit and torque curve was found. Because the(More)
This paper proposes a robotic hand with tendon-driven three fingers that consist of a thumb, an index, and a middle finger. Each finger is composed of a distal-middle phalange, a proximal phalange, and a metacarpal bone, which are jointed by one link between the distal-middle phalange and the metacarpal bone. The flexion of finger is actuated by a wire to(More)
Recently, the IT convergence technology using LED such as Visible Light Communication (VLC) is being emerged. Among many VLC applications, vehicular vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) VLC based on LED headlamp is possible to use in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) or Active Safety application. In this paper, we introduce the demonstration of vehicular VLC(More)
In this paper, we deal with the design of preamble signal in order to increase synchronization performance in UWB non-coherent energy detection receiver. We find criteria which can enhance the synchronization performance and propose a scheme to design the preamble signal based on the constrained nonlinear optimization approach with some examples. The(More)
Variable pulse position modulation (VPPM) is a new modulation scheme that supports simultaneously illumination with dimming control and communication. In this paper, the transmitter, optical wireless channel, and receiver structure of VPPM were modeled mathematically, and their error performance for examining the communication performance according to(More)