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The MotB protein of Escherichia coli is an essential component of the force generators that couple proton movement across the cytoplasmic membrane to rotation of the flagellar motors. The membrane topology of MotB was examined to explore the possibility that it might form a proton channel. MotB--alkaline phosphatase fusion proteins were constructed to(More)
Due to the high degree of freedom found in hand motion, it is difficult to model articulated hand configurations. In addition, observed hand shapes vary according to the hand rotation, even when using the same hand configuration. This paper presents a new man-ifold embedding method for modeling low dimensional hand configurations and hand rotation using a(More)
This paper presents a smart lighting control system based on human motion tracking. Proper illumination and color temperature depend on human activities. A smart lighting system that provides automatic control of lighting illumination and color temperature needs to track human motion and understand human activities. Infrared and thermal spectrum provides(More)
This paper presents performance evaluation of silhouette-based action recognition from virtual human silhouette(VIHASI), which is publicly available. We especially evaluate action recognition performance based on tensor analysis. We applied tensor analysis for the silhouette data itself after sampling the same number of silhouette frames from given sample(More)
A smart lighting system provides automatic control of lighting illumination and color temperature for high quality of life as well as energy savings in smart cities. A real-time activity understanding system with accurate human location estimation under varying illumination is required for smart lighting control, since comfortable lighting conditions vary(More)
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