Sung-Yeul Park

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The inductor-capacitor-inductor (LCL) filter allows higher noise attenuation and universal output in which a power conditioning system or an inverter can operate in both grid-tie and standalone modes. In this paper, the LCL filter design considerations including sensor position selection and component selections are discussed for single-phase paralleled(More)
This paper presents a new functionality for high-power battery chargers by incorporating an impedance measurement algorithm. The measurement of battery impedance can be performed by the battery charger to provide an accurate equivalent model for battery management purposes. In this paper, an extended control capability of the onboard battery charger for(More)
In order to determine the most cost effective alternative among hardening options of power systems, the direct monetary benefits should be evaluated above all other things. Therefore, this paper presents a life-cycle cost model which describes total monetary costs experienced in annual time increments during the project with consideration for the time value(More)
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