Sung Yeul Kim

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This study was conducted to retard potato (Solanum tuberosum L. cvs Superior, Atlantic, and Jasim) shoot growth by nutrient interruption and thereby induce tuber formation in an aeroponic cultivation system. In the period between 25 and 55 days after transplanting (DAT), a 10-day nutrient interruption was carried out on the potato plants. The interruption(More)
Three hydroponic systems (aeroponics, aerohydroponics, and deep-water culture) were compared for the production of potato (Solanum tuberosum) seed tubers. Aerohydroponics was designed to improve the root zone environment of aeroponics by maintaining root contact with nutrient solution in the lower part of the beds, while intermittently spraying roots in the(More)
The dynamics of aggregation and disaggregation of blood of varying hematocrit in oscillatory flow in a distensible horizontal tube was determined by measuring the developing echo intensity of the blood samples with a 10 MHz B-mode ultrasonic scanner. Early aggregation could be detected within 10 sec. of stoppage of flow. The rate of echo intensity buildup(More)
Despite the available reports on hydroponic potato production, little is known about its field establishment, yield components and efficiency of nitrogen (N) use from small hydroponic tubers (HT) planted in fields. Three sizes of HT (0.7 g, 5 g, and 10 g) and conventional cut seed tubers (CT) of about 40 g of medium-early maturity cultivar ‘Superior’ were(More)
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