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A microfluidic device for continuous, real time blood plasma separation is introduced. The principle of the blood plasma separation from blood cells is supported by the Zweifach-Fung effect and was experimentally demonstrated using simple microchannels. The blood plasma separation device is composed of a blood inlet, a bifurcating region which leads to a(More)
Experimental models that mimic the flow conditions in microcapillaries have suggested that the local shear stresses and shear rates can mediate tumor cell and leukocyte arrest on the endothelium and subsequent sustained adhesion. However, further investigation has been limited by the lack of experimental models that allow quantitative measurement of the(More)
This paper presents a handheld mechanical cell lysis chip with ultra-sharp nano-blade arrays fabricated by simple and cost effective crystalline wet etching of (110) silicon. The ultra-sharp nano-blade array is simply formed by the undercutting of (110) silicon during the crystalline wet etching process. Cells can be easily disrupted by the silicon(More)
In this paper, frequency response (dynamic compression and recovery) is suggested as a new physical marker to differentiate between breast cancer cells (MCF7) and normal cells (MCF10A). A single cell is placed on the laminated piezoelectric actuator and a piezoresistive microcantilever is placed on the upper surface of the cell at a specified preload(More)
A microfluidic device, which is composed of a blood inlet, a cell lysis solution inlet, a bifurcation outlet containing six microchannels, and a white blood cell (WBC)-lysed solution outlet, is proposed in this study to separate WBCs from whole blood and lyse the WBCs in a continuous and near real-time fashion. The geometry of the microfluidic device is(More)
BACKGROUND Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) screening has been recommended for hepatitis B virus (HBV)-infected individuals in an effort to detect HCC at a sufficiently early stage to provide potentially curative treatments. The study reported here is the first to address the rate of HCC screening use in an HBV endemic area. METHODS Data were collected from(More)
BACKGROUND It is unclear to what extent insulin resistance (IR) modulates the association linking obesity to alanine aminotransferase (ALT) activity elevation. METHODS We measured the homeostatic model assessment for IR (HOMA-IR) in 1591 participants aged 12-18 years from the 2008 to 2009 Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. RESULTS(More)
PURPOSE To associate the global gene expression of B7/CD28 family transcripts with pathologic features of colon cancer, we determined the B7/CD28 family transcripts in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from normal subjects and patients with adenomatous polyps and colon cancer, and correlated the results with pathologic features of colon cancer. (More)
The Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) has been found to provide an accurate measure for risk of hazardous and harmful alcohol use, as well as possible dependence. Data from 2 representative samples of 7693 adults in the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (KNHANES) 2005 and 6276 participants in 2009 were analyzed. The(More)