Sung Y. Shin

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In most file systems, if a file is deleted, only the metadata of the file is deleted or modified and the file's data is still stored on the physical media. Some users require that deleted files no longer be accessible. This requirement is more important in embedded systems that employ flash memory as a storage medium. In this paper, we have designed a NAND(More)
Secure deletion for flash file systems is essential for enhancing the security of embedded systems. Due to the characteristics of flash memory, existing secure deletion schemes cannot be directly adapted to flash file systems. In this paper, we propose an efficient secure deletion scheme for flash file systems. It encrypts a file's data and stores all keys(More)
The segmentation of breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has been a long term challenge due to the fuzzy boundaries among objects, small spots, and irregular object shapes in breast MRI. Even though intensity-based clustering algorithms such as K-means clustering and Fuzzy C-means clustering have been used widely for basic image segmentation, they(More)
The breast mammogram image is one of the most important materials of the Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD) system to support diagnosis of breast cancer. In the CAD system, intensity value is a widely used feature for medical image processing. In this paper, we propose develop improved Harris Corner Detection with improved input training data set for Support(More)
During the last several years, dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) algorithms are being used for energy consumption on real, fully functional battery supplied devices, adjusting the clock speed and supply voltage dynamically. Most DVS algorithms are investigated in interval-based and task-based strategies. Task-based algorithms consider task information,(More)
Mobile Microwave Tomography (MMT) is a new alternative technique to detect breast cancer using smart phone based electronic healthcare system. In this paper, we propose a new solution to extract tumor information from MMT raw data for early breast cancer screening. MMT reflects water contents of breast tissue by measuring their electrical properties and(More)
Wireless cyber-mammography is potentially a convenient screening method to be comfortable and effective in community and rural area early detection of breast cancer, but their interpretation is difficult due to the noise and low quality of images. In this paper, we study the accuracy of a Cyber-aided diagnosis system to help physicians to classify the(More)
Morphologic appearance plays a substantial role in presenting mass lesion in breast imaging. In this paper, we propose an innovative shape irregularity measurement based on roughness index - Enhance Roughness Index (ERI). This new irregularity measurement is taken as an input to Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) classifier. By analyzing the similarity through(More)
This paper proposes and measures the performance of a hybrid prefetch scheme for the gateway cache in the vehicular telematics network. Aiming at improving response time and instant reply ratio, the proposed scheme combines the advantage of LRU and FAR to best exploit temporal and spatial locality. For the advanced path recommendation service, links are(More)
In this paper, we present an enhancement to our previously proposed algorithm, SOR, for the minimum energy broadcasting problem in wireless sensor ad hoc networks. We implement the enhanced algorithm, PSOR (Partitioning- based SOR), and compare its solution quality with other algorithms in the literature: BIP, OMEGa, SOR, and EWMA. The enhancement comes(More)