Sung-Woong Ra

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This paper presents an effective error concealment method for error-corrupted H.264/AVC video bitstreams over cdma2000 (or UMTS) air interface. The proposed hybrid error concealment method performs selective error concealment depending on whether a lost macroblock is intra-coded or inter-coded and whether it belongs to background or foreground. It is shown(More)
Multi-spectral camera (MSC) is a payload on the KOMPSAT-2 satellite to perform the Earth remote sensing. The instrument images the Earth using a push-broom motion with a swath width of 15 km and a ground sample distance (GSD) of 1 m over the entire field of view (FOV) at altitude 685 Km. The installment is designed to have an on-orbit operation duty cycle(More)
An insufficient isolation between a transmitter and a receiver in Electronic Warfare(EW) equipments makes the feedback of the transmitted noise jamming signal into the receiver and, finally, results in interfering the reception of the pulse signals of the receiver. These phenomena make it difficult to perform a pulse jamming together with a noise jamming in(More)
In this paper, we propose an active entitlement key management scheme for CAS on digital TV broadcasting system. We introduce not only a novel concept of ARL for dynamic entitlement management, but also key distribution model based on four levels key hierarchy, and ARL transmission table for efficient transmission bandwidth consumption. With the proposed(More)