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Toward the Model of University Image: The Influence of Brand Personality, External Prestige, and Reputation
Although the concepts of image and reputation have been increasingly emphasized in the fields of public relations and marketing, the association of these 2 concepts has not been empirically studiedExpand
An Integrative Approach to University Visual Identity and Reputation
This study focuses on the concepts of university identity and university reputation as they relate to a large private university in the Northeast United States. In the first part of the study, theExpand
Student–university relationships and reputation: a study of the links between key factors fostering students’ supportive behavioral intentions towards their university
Focusing on academic institutions in higher education as the research context, this study examined the relations of key factors affecting students’ supportive behavioral intentions toward theExpand
An Integrated Model for Organization—Public Relational Outcomes, Organizational Reputation, and Their Antecedents
This study is to test a theoretical model regarding the effect of organization—public relationships on organizational reputation. Grounded in multidisciplinary literature, this study proposed thatExpand
Country Reputation in Multidimensions: Predictors, Effects, and Communication Channels
A country's reputation is a subject of increasing interest for the practice and research of public relations and public diplomacy. South Korea's reputation as viewed by Americans, the country's mostExpand
The Effects of Blog-Mediated Public Relations (BMPR) on Relational Trust
Key features of blog-mediated public relations are conducive to initiating and nurturing relationships with publics. As a result, blogs have emerged as a new venue for public relations in recentExpand
Measuring Social Media Credibility: A Study on a Measure of Blog Credibility
As individual members of publics now have greater expectations to have substantial interactions with organizations, especially by using the digital/social media, communication professionals have beenExpand
Like, comment, and share on Facebook: How each behavior differs from the other
Abstract People engage in communication on Facebook via three behaviors—like, comment, and share. Facebook uses an algorithm that gives different weight to each behavior to determine what to show inExpand
Effects of Reputation, Relational Satisfaction, and Customer–Company Identification on Positive Word-of-Mouth Intentions
By combining the growing body of knowledge on organizational reputation and organization—public relationships with insights from marketing literature on customer–company identification, this studyExpand