Sung-Tsun Shih

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The proliferation of mobile computing devices and wireless networks has fostered a growing interest in location sensing systems and services. In this paper we present an improvement approach of indoor location sensing using active RFID system. This is a location sensing system that uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for locating objects(More)
A physical fitness condition measurement system based on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is proposed in this paper. The system includes a RFID tag, a RFID reader, a main control board, and several peripherals such as blood pressure meter, ear-temperature meter, height-weight meter, balance measurement, and speed test for running back-forth(More)
In this study, a cipher/decipher based on programmable system-on-chip (PSoC) technology is proposed to prevent unauthorized people from revealing and abusing users’ computerized personal identification data (PID) during transit and at rest. The proposed PSoC-based cipher/decipher consists of a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) authentication protocol, a(More)
Three types of printed radio-frequency-identification (RFID) antennas with the characteristics of high gain, wide beam wave, and omnidirectional beam wave are constructed and evaluated in this study. The objective is to find out their best reading rates for providing effective wireless communications among RFID antenna readers during the library book(More)
This paper proposes a radio frequency identification-based (RFID-based) self healthcare management system which allows a user to identify his/her identification and record their physiology conditions automatically. The system consists of a RFID tag, a RFID reader, a microprocessor-embedded system, and three peripherals, including blood pressure meter,(More)
This study proposes a loose-leaf tea brewing service device with the added value of increasing tea drinking quality in our leisure life. The proposed device with multi-infusion timing control and user friendly interface characteristics utilizes AT89S51 programmable microcontroller to detect the input signals and trigger the corresponding outputs. The input(More)
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