Sung-Tae Lee

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The authors analyzed the results and complications of metatarsal lengthening in short first metatarsals by distraction osteogenesis. There were 13 first metatarsal lengthenings in eight patients. Mean age was 18.8 years and the average percentage of lengthening was 49.2%. The average healing index was 72.4 days/cm. The major complication was cavus foot,(More)
The new catecholic xanthone, 1,3,7-trihydroxy-4-(1,1-dimethyl-2-propenyl)-5,6-(2,2-dimethylchromeno)-xanthone (1), was isolated from the root bark of Cudrania tricuspidata together with seven known xanthones. The structures were fully characterized by analysis of physical and spectral (UV, IR, mass, and NMR) data. Relationships between the structural(More)
Because the use of arthroscopy has increased recently for the treatment of elbow lesions, reports of complications have become more common. Nerve injury after arthroscopic anterior capsular release is an extremely rare complication, with 4 reported cases worldwide. We usually use a sharp-tipped electrocautery device with a 0.5-mm diameter during(More)
BACKGROUND In neuromuscular diseases, limb lengthening and foot deformity correction are associated with a high risk of complications associated with distraction callus and joint contracture. We have found no published articles of tibial lengthening and concomitant foot deformity correction using the Ilizarov method or traditional methods. To compare result(More)
Genetic diversity of 18 Acanthamoeba isolates from ocean sediments was evaluated by comparing mitochondrial (mt) DNA RFLP, 18S rDNA sequences and by examining their cytopathic effects on human corneal epithelial cells versus reference strains. All isolates belonged to morphologic group II. Total of 16 restriction phenotypes of mtDNA from 18 isolates(More)
This study investigated the effects of calcium sulfate powder injection in a rabbit tibial distraction model. There was one experimental group and two control groups. The calcium sulfate powder, suspended in carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) medium, was injected into the distracted tissue in the experimental rabbit group, whereas only CMC medium was injected(More)
PURPOSE This study was to examine the effects of Taping therapy on the deformed angle of the foot and pain in hallux valgus patients. METHOD The subjects were 24 feet from 15 patients who were diagnosed withhallus valgus at the orthopedic department of K University Hospital in Seoul. Taping therapy was conducted 15 times overall during a four-week period.(More)
This study was designed to establish a more effective and safe culture system for adoptive immunotherapy by investigating the use of homologous cord blood plasma (HCBP) instead of fetal bovine serum (FBS), which has various limitations including ethical problems for the ex vivo expansion of human umbilical T lymphocytes. Fresh human umbilical mononuclear(More)
To study the bone age delay patterns in different stages of Perthes disease, 140 hand and corresponding hip radiographs in 83 patients were assessed. In the hand radiographs, the radius, ulna, metacarpals and phalanges (RUS) and carpal bone ages were calculated using the Tanner and Whitehouse 3 method and the Greulich and Pyle (G and P) bone age was(More)
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