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Particle-hole symmetry and the nu=5/2 quantum Hall state.
The implications of approximate particle-hole symmetry in a half-filled Landau level in which a paired quantum Hall state forms is discussed, and the anti-Pfaffian state, which is degenerate with the Pfaffian in this limit of vanishing Landau-level mixing, is discussed.
Low-energy effective theory of Fermi surface coupled with U(1) gauge field in 2+1 dimensions
We study the low-energy effective theory for a non-Fermi-liquid state in 2+1 dimensions, where a transverse U(1) gauge field is coupled with a patch of Fermi surface with N flavors of fermion in the
U(1) gauge theory of the Hubbard model: spin liquid states and possible application to kappa-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu2(CN)3.
A U(1) gauge theory of the Hubbard model in the slave-rotor representation is formulated and it is argued that spin liquid phases may exist near the Mott transition in the Hubbardmodel on triangular and honeycomb lattices at half filling.
Quantum renormalization group and holography
A bstractQuantum renormalization group scheme provides a microscopic understanding of holography through a general mapping between the beta functions of underlying quantum field theories and the
Perturbative non-Fermi liquids from dimensional regularization
We devise a dimensional regularization scheme for quantum field theories with Fermi surface to study scaling behaviour of non-Fermi liquid states in a controlled approximation. Starting from a Fermi
Non-Fermi liquid from a charged black hole: A critical Fermi ball
Using the anti-de Sitter/conformal field theory correspondence, we calculate a fermionic spectral function in a 2+1 dimensional nonrelativistic quantum field theory which is dual to a gravitational
Stability of the U(1) spin liquid with a spinon Fermi surface in 2+1 dimensions
We study the stability of the 2+1 dimensional U(1) spin liquid state against proliferation of instantons in the presence of spinon Fermi surface. By mapping the spinon Fermi surface into an infinite
Background independent holographic description: from matrix field theory to quantum gravity
A bstractWe propose a local renormalization group procedure where length scale is changed in spacetime dependent way. Combining this scheme with an earlier observation that high energy modes in
Quasilocal strange metal
One of the key factors that determine the fates of quantum many-body systems in the zero temperature limit is the competition between kinetic energy that delocalizes particles in space and
Recent Developments in Non-Fermi Liquid Theory
Non-Fermi liquids are unconventional metals whose physical properties deviate qualitatively from those of noninteracting fermions due to strong quantum fluctuations near Fermi surfaces. They arise