Sung-Rok Yoon

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Network-on-Chip (NoC) based Multi-Processor System-on-Chip (MPSoC) architecture is a promising SoC design solution, offering high computational power with lots of flexibilities. However, finding the optimal MPSoC architecture configuration remains an enormous challenge due to its high structural complexity and functional diversity. In this paper, we(More)
This paper proposes a software based parallel CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) algorithm called '<i>N-byte RCC (Repetition of Computation and Combination</i>)''. This algorithm is the iterative process of message computation by the 'slicing-by-4' and combination through the '<i>zero block lookup tables</i>'. This algorithm can parallelize the CRC calculation(More)
Since 2001, there have been a myriad of papers on systematic analysis of Multi-Processor System on Chip (MPSoC) and Network on Chip (NoC). Nevertheless, we only have a few of their practical application. Till now, main interest of researchers has been to adapt NoC to the communication intensive multimedia system like H.263. However, this paper attempts to(More)
The MIMO-OFDM is the strong candidate as the next generation wireless LAN and 4G mobile communication systems. In this paper, we design the iterative decoding and detection architecture as the MIMO-OFDM receiver based on network on chip platform. The transaction level analysis with NoC architecture (routing and switching scheme) variation is performed in(More)
In this paper, analysis of NoC architecture through consideration of the characteristics of wireless communication system is introduced. In this analysis, two constraint equations are used to evaluate whether the architecture is suitable for wireless communication system. In addition, a case study that applies the IEEE 802.11a in order to estimate the(More)
In the recent draft of the 802.11e MAC [2], the Hybrid Coordinator (HC) gives transmission opportunity (TXOP) for a station to transmit burst frames in TXOP for improving throughput efficiency. In this paper, we express the expected throughput for the Block Ack policy in Polled TXOP as a closed form function of the number of burst MSDUs, the number of(More)
Due to the extremely increased interference of multiple-input multiple-output systems, designing efficient transmit beamforming schemes is significant to degrade the interference. A novel beamforming scheme is addressed by incorporating a multiple hypothesis testing problem with the characteristics of the wireless channel. The proposed beamforming scheme is(More)
The paper proposes the method to improve the average identification time of passive tags for ISO/IEC 18000-3 Mode 2 RFID system by tuning the anti-collision protocol. The standard provides ALOHA-based and FTDMA(frequency time division multiple access) anti-collision protocol. In this paper, this protocol is enhanced by two aspects. One is the increment of(More)