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Production of a hypoglycemic, extracellular polysaccharide from the submerged culture of the mushroom, Phellinus linteus
Mycelial growth and extracellular polysaccharide production of Phellinus linteus were optimal at pH 5 and 25 °C. Maximum biomass production (14.2 g l−1) was after 15 d of cultivation, whereas,Expand
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Immunomodulating Activity of the Exopolymer from Submerged Mycelial Culture of Phellinus pini
The immunomodulating activities and chemical characteristics df a water-soluble exopolymer from submerged mycelial culture of Phellinus pini were studied. Anticomplementary activity of this polymerExpand
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Production of an anti-complement exo-polymer produced by Auricularia auricula-judae in submerged culture
Exo-polymer (EP) was produced at 1.2 g l−1 in submerged culture of Auricular auricula-judae. Crude EP (AJ-0) has 70% anti-complementary activity (inhibition of total complementary hemolysis 50%;Expand
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