Sung-Pil Choi

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It has been known that a combination of multiple kernels and addition of various resources are the best options for improving effectiveness of kernel-based PPI extraction methods. These supplements, however, involve extensive kernel adaptation and feature selection processes, which attenuate the original benefits of the kernel methods. This paper shows that(More)
We present the Pathway Curation (PC) task, a main event extraction task of the BioNLP shared task (ST) 2013. The PC task concerns the automatic extraction of biomolecular reactions from text. The task setting, representation and semantics are defined with respect to pathway model standards and ontologies (SBML, BioPAX, SBO) and documents selected by(More)
Since their introduction in 2009, the BioNLP Shared Task events have been instrumental in advancing the development of methods and resources for the automatic extraction of information from the biomedical literature. In this paper, we present the Cancer Genetics (CG) and Pathway Curation (PC) tasks, two event extraction tasks introduced in the BioNLP Shared(More)
One of the key problems in upgrading information services towards knowledge services is to automatically mine latent topics, users’ interests and their evolution patterns from large-scale S&T literatures. Most of current methods are devoted to either discover static latent topics and users’ interests, or to analyze topic evolution only from intrafeatures of(More)
While information retrieval(IR) and databases(DB) have been developed independently, there have been emerging requirements that both data management and efficient text retrieval should be supported simultaneously in an information system such as health care systems, bulletin boards, XML data management, and digital libraries. Recently DB-IR integration(More)
Vast amount of XML documents raise interests in how they will be used and how far their usage can be expanded. This paper has two central goals: 1) easy and fast retrieval of XML documents or relevant elements; and 2) efficient and stable management of large-size XML documents. The keys to develop such a practical system are how to segment a large XML(More)
We previously described the use of a cell-based screening approach to identify small molecules that regulate adipocyte differentiation. Here we identify the amiloride derivative phenamil as an adipogenic compound. Phenamil acutely induces expression of the key transcription factor of adipogenesis, peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPARgamma)(More)
Chronic alcohol consumption contributes to numerous diseases, including cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and liver cirrhosis. Epidemiological studies have shown that excessive alcohol consumption is a risk factor for dementia. Along this line, Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia and is caused by the accumulation of amyloid-β (Aβ(More)
Text mining is a popular methodology for building Technology Intelligence which helps companies or organizations to make better decisions by providing knowledge about the state-of-the-art technologies obtained from the Internet or inside companies. As a matter of fact, the objects or events (socalled declarative knowledge) are the target knowledge that text(More)