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An actinomycete strain, 'Nocardai flavorosea' JCM 3332, was found to have properties consistent with its classification in the genus Nocardia. An almost complete gene sequence of the 16S rDNA of the strain was determined following cloning and sequencing of the amplified gene. The sequence was aligned with those available for nocardiae and phylogenetic trees(More)
In the title salt, C(16)H(36)N(+)·C(14)H(8)N(3)O(3)S(-), the torsion angles within the cation reveal that one butyl group displays an anti conformation and the other three butyl groups show gauche conformations. The anion is almost planar, with a largest deviation of 0.166 (6) Å from the least-squares plane (r.m.s. deviation of fitted atoms = 0.052 Å). In(More)
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