Sung-Oh David Jung

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Prevention is normally recognized as one of the best defense strategy against malicious hackers or attackers. The desire of deploying better prevention mechanisms has motivated many security researchers and practitioners, who are studies threat trend analysis models. However, threat trend is not directly revealed from the time-series data because the trend(More)
Since early responses are crucial to reduce the damage from unknown Internet attacks, our first consideration while developing a defense mechanism can be on time e ciency and observing (and predicting) the change of network statuses, even at the sacrifice of accuracy. In the recent security field, it is an earnest desire that a new mechanism to predict(More)
In this paper we present an spiral/reverse spiral life cycle model for analysis of security risks of information systems. Protection of the information services is modeled into the interactions between the “attackers” and the “defenders”, i.e., system operators and developers. When a development team creates a software system, it produces both the desired(More)
Before Feature Reduction System (FRS) was developed, software engineers were required to use multiple independent web-based information-reporting systems when conducting multiple web transactions. Software engineers, interacting with many webbased systems during normal software project activities, are often required to manually enter similar, or even the(More)
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