Sung-Mun Hong

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This paper presents a 3D path following control scheme for a class of torpedo-type autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) with uncertainty terms in their dynamics. For this kind of torpedo-type AUVs, there are only three control inputs, surge force, pitch and yaw moments, available for the vehicles' 6DOF 3D underwater motions. Therefore, it's a typical(More)
The localization of unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) is important for the UUV to inspect or manipulator objects. We assume that there is an UUV with a camera sensor and the UUV uses the underwater floor pattern for localization. Because the pattern is known beforehand, the pattern matching between the pattern image and the camera image lets the UUV know(More)
This paper considers the initial alignment problem for underwater robot's strapdown inertial navigation system. In general, initial alignment can be roughly divided into three types; coarse alignment, gyro compassing, and aided alignment. For underwater robot, gyro compassing is not suitable for its initialization, since it is difficult to accurately rotate(More)
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