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Memristive devices and systems
A broad generalization of memristors--a recently postulated circuit element--to an interesting class of nonlinear dynamical systems called memristive systems is introduced. These systems areExpand
Section-wise piecewise-linear functions: Canonical representation, properties, and applications
This paper presents a new closed form analytical formula for representing n-dimensional surfaces and scalar functions of n variables which are piecewise-linear over each cross section obtained byExpand
Gate Matrix Layout of Random Control Logic in a 32-bit CMOS CPU Chip Adaptable to Evolving Logic Design
The gate matrix layout of random control logic in BELLMAC-32A with top-down hierarchical design methodology provided adaptability to evolving logic design with short turnaround time, high packing density competitive with hand layout, compatibility with computer-aided layout and verification tools, and technology updatability. Expand
The engineering research center for compound semiconductor microelectronics
The long-range vision of the Engineering Research Center for Compound Semiconductor Microelectronics (CCSM) is focused on a new generation of high-speed communications and data-processing technologyExpand