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This paper deal with an identification of a single rod hydraulic cylinder system and its motion control. Modeling and control of the electro-hydraulic servo system are difficult because system contains nonlinear elements. Therefore, this paper use the signal compression method to obtain the dynamic characteristic and apply the sliding mode control with(More)
Instead of single mobile robot, multi mobile robots can perform complex tasks with simple robot system and algorithm. But multi mobile robots face much more complex driving problem than singular driving. To solve the problem, in this study, driving algorithm based on the energy method is applied to the individual robot in a group. This makes a cluster be in(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to assess the benefit of using a prophylactic surgical site closed suction drain in pterional craniotomy. MATERIALS AND METHODS A retrospective review was conducted on 607 consecutive patients who underwent a pterional craniotomy for treatment of intracranial anterior circulation aneurysms over a 5-year period. Between(More)
Scratch defects is occur due to impact drop and friction between the roller and slab in the conventional hot rolling method. The Flying Touch method is one of the proposed methods to improve the scratch defects. Flying Touch method is available to soft touch between the rollers and the slab. Because roller is unfixed and flexible. And Flying Touch method is(More)
In the hot rolling process, scratches are caused by immense friction between the rollers and the steel plate, and this defect reduces the quality of steelworks. To solve this problem, a flying touch method was proposed, which can control the gap between rollers for reducing scratches in hot rolling process. In a flying touch method, it is important that the(More)
Reaction force estimation is the major challenge of surgical robotic procedures. In previous research, sliding mode control with sliding perturbation observer (SMCSPO) is used to estimate the reaction force in the sensor-less system. Moreover, a fuzzy-SPO method is also proposed to separate actual reaction force in presence of dynamic disturbances. However,(More)