Sung-Lim Ko

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Tool–chip contact length is an important parameter in machining. Several ways had been proposed in different works to find its value, which gave discordant results for the same set of cutting conditions. In this paper, a new slip-line solution for orthogonal cutting by a tool with unrestricted rake face is suggested. Based on the proposed solution, a new(More)
8 9 Abstract 10 11 To verify NC programs as well as to optimize the cutting conditions, the importance of machining process simulation system is increasing. 12 The paper discusses new approach for milling operation simulation using enhanced Z map algorithm. To extract the required geometric 13 information from NC code, suggested algorithm uses supersampling(More)
The objective of this study is to develop the simulation software for numerical control (NC) machining. This paper presents the visualization and analysis of cutting process in slope machining by using advanced octree method. A software based on advanced octree algorithms has been developed and used as the basis in this study. The suggested algorithm with(More)
Triangulation method, conoscopic holography method and interferometry method are analyzed for effective measurement of micro burr geometry, which is formed in micro drilling. To select proper sensor, cylinder with 0.5mm diameter is measured and the result shows that conoscopic holography method is effective for measuring highly inclined surface. Burr with(More)
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