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Stepwise Optimizations of UDP/IP on a Gigabit Network (Research Note)
Stepwise optimizations of UDP/IP on Myrinet are described, which eliminate internal overheads such as fragmentation, checksum computation, data copy, and multiple DMA initializations and reduce the NIC overhead with a faster NIC. Expand
Gaussian apodized volume grating to suppress the crosstalk in holographic demultiplexers using high-efficiency photopolymers
A Gaussian apodization technique applied to a transmission volume hologram for a holographic demultiplexer is proposed. A Gaussian apodized grating 15×11 mm in size, 38 µm thick, and with a 3.2-mmExpand
Compact T/R Module Having Improved T/R Isolation Using a Bias Timing Scheme
The transmit/receive(T/R) module is a key component in the active phased array system. The brick-type T/R module has been widely used and the miniaturization has been an important factor to get theExpand
A Study on Performance Comparison of Multipurpose Function Electronic Measurement Reference Station Prototype System using LED and Gyro Sensor
In this paper, We proposes multipurpose function electronic measurement reference station prototype system based on LED and Gyro Sensor. This system have developed to possible with real time dataExpand
A Novel of Solar Heat Collection Device Prototype using Parabolic based on Solar Light Tracking
요 약석탄과 석유를 대신할 새로운 대체 에너지의 연구 및 개발은 지난 수년간 계속해서 연구되고 있다. 최근엔 유한 에너지 가격 상승으로 인하여 무공해 신재생 에너지의 관심이 증가하고 있다. 특히 기존에 활발히 연구되고 상용화된 신재생 에너지 분야 중 태양에너지는 태양광 에너지에 주된 연구가 이루어져 있다. 그러나 태양광 에너지의 효율성은 이미 포화상태에Expand
A Study on a Elevator Emergency Call Device System and Performance Evaluation based on ICT for Efficient Handling in Emergency Situation
A lot of people were trapped in elevators without power supply when BLACK-OUT situation occurred in 2011. The telephone network of control room connected to the elevators had problem operatingExpand