Sung-Kyun Lee

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Efficient recovery of ionic liquid (IL) from aqueous mixture of ILs and sugars (which derived from enzymatic or chemical catalyzed hydrolysis of ILs-pretreated biomass) is a major drawback for commercialization of biofuel and platform chemicals production from biomass utilized ILs as pretreatment solvent. In this study, simulated moving bed (SMB)(More)
A natural compound C23 H32 O4 Cl, ascochlorin (ASC) isolated from an incomplete fungus, Ascochyta viciae has been known to have several biological activities as an antibiotic, antifungal, anti-cancer, anti-hypolipidemic, and anti-hypertension agent. In this study, anti-inflammatory activity has been investigated in lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced murine(More)
For innate immune defense, lower animals such as fish and amphibian are covered with skin mucus, which acts as both a mechanical and biochemical barrier. Although several mucus sources have been isolated and studied for their biochemical and immunological functions, the precise mechanism(s) of action remains unknown. In the present study, we additionally(More)
The collision avoidance procedure of a ship can be divided into three categories: detects environment and accesses the degree of the collision risk; establishes navigation plan and executes a control command to perform the established plan; returns to her original path when collision risk disappears. We can obtain own ship’s speed and rudder angle to avoid(More)
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