Sung-Kwan Joo

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We investigate a method to improve the position decoding for thick crystal versions (i.e., ≥8 mm) of the continuous miniature crystal element (cMiCE) PET detector by more accurately modeling the detector light response function (LRF). The LRF for continuous detectors varies with the depth of interaction (DOI) of the detected photon. This variation in LRF(More)
This letter presents a novel approach for traffic light detection in a video frame captured by an in-vehicle camera. The algorithm consists of rotated principal component analysis (RPCA), modified amplitude thresholding with respect to the histograms of the PC planes and final filtering with a neural network. The proposed algorithm achieves an average(More)
The demise of the native franchise markets and emergence of competitive markets for electricity generation service is changing the way that electricity is and will be priced and is making increasingly difficult for market participants to appraise the prospects for the future electricity market. As a result, conventional generation expansion planning (GEP)(More)
Various load disaggregation methods have been developed for monitoring home appliance loads to save energy in a smart home. Most of load disaggregation methods are designed to focus on the on/off events of single appliance. In reality, however, multiple appliances can be turned on/off simultaneously. Load disaggregation can be complicated by the(More)
The recent movement towards an open, competitive market environment introduced new optimization problems such as market clearing mechanism, bidding decision and Available Transfer Capability (ATC) calculation. These optimization problems are characterized by the complexity of power systems and the uncertainties in the electricity market. Accurate evaluation(More)
The target for South Korea’s domestic energy consumption is to increase the proportion of the total energy consumption supplied by renewable energy to 11% by 2030. Increasing renewable energy generation has become a natural trend, thereby making it an essential factor to be considered in research for the development of a smart grid. The power system of Jeju(More)
Improved market efficiency from combining markets through inter-regional market coordination can lead to significant changes in the consumer and producer surplus of an individual market since inter-regional energy trading can significantly alter energy prices and market shares across various regions. It is necessary to study the impacts of inter-regional(More)